Baz and Linda Gascoyne started the Eccles in 1996. In November 2017, leadership of the Eccles was handed on to a team of leaders, who have all been involved in leadership within the Eccles for between 4 and 18 years. Baz and Linda remain part of the Eccles, and are now developing the South Yorkshire Chaplaincy and Listening Service.

The new leadership team is:


Hiya, My name is Jan. I'm originally from Colchester, Essex. I moved up to Sheffield in 2002 and joined the Eccles the 2nd day after university started. I have been mentored and supported throughout the past 15 years and developed a faith, that is non-religious, spirit filled, real and at times broken.

I am passionate about the people in the Eccles and am so lucky to have deep relationships with people in the church. I also met my now husband here and am blessed to have 3 amazing children.

I'm an A+E sister and enjoy the fast pace and team working on the front line of the NHS. I love going out, music, TV, make up, wine and most of all laughing.


I have loved being part of the Eccles family since 1998 and on the leadership since 2000. In particular I appreciate the awesome vulnerability and transparency with which people live their lives, trying to follow the finger of God.

I am married to Emily and have 2 nippers and a giant dog.


Hi. My name is Neil. I have been part of the Eccles since 2003 and on the leadership team for over 10yrs. I was attracted to the Eccles by the honesty on show and the confidence to be able to ask awkward or difficult questions. The freedom to pursue God rather than build church empires sets the Eccles apart from most churches I had experienced previously. As a social and processing introvert I have the space to engage in the community in a meaningful way to me.

I live with my wife and 2 boys in Woodseats. I work as a Physiotherapist within the city and enjoy helping people to return to meaningful function. Outside of work I have diverse interests including philosophy, theology, botany, poetry. I play football locally, run an allotment and play the guitar.


I'm Tim. I've been at The Eccles since 1999 and am responsible for the Worship team. I love to see people released into expressing their love for God using their own words or means of expression.

It has been a privilege being involved in a community of people at The Eccles who have journeyed together through the excitement and challenges of life.

I have worked in education for over 30 years, as a teacher and senior leader, now providing IT support and write resources for teachers.

I am married to Liz, and have 3 grown-up children. I play football, run and go to the cinema regularly.